Charles Nègre

”If art is the poetic interpretation of nature, photography is the exact translation; it is exactitude in art or the complement of art.” [The Vampire, 1853] – Charles Nègre Photography Pioneer d. January 16, 1880

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can I get you to look at an image for longer than a second?

“We are so oversaturated with images, so it’s about one question: Can I hold you – can I get you to look at an image for longer than a second?” Watch Catherine Opie, Wim Wenders, Jeff Wall and 8 other

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Tina Barney’s iconic The Reception talks about this piece, her large-format technique, penchant for photographing family, and the many elements that came together in the moment. Tina Barney : Capturing the human gesture from Paris Photo on Vimeo. Read more at

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Annika von Hausswolff

Annika von Hausswolff – från punk till Hasselblads ”Det blir min sista utställning” säger fotografen Annika von Hausswolff om Grand Theory Hotel som under våren visas på Hasselblad Center i Göteborg.

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Harry Gruyaert

Ispirerande samtal med Harry Gruyaert.

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Kontakt kartor

För bara några år sedan höll alla i sina kontaktkartor för att bedöma sina bilder. Se processen här med några av de mest kända exemplar här! Nedan: Martin Parr. The last resort 1985

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Robert Frank

Lång artikel i New York Times om Robert Frank. ”The Man Who Saw America” Looking back with Robert Frank, the most influential photographer alive.

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