Elton John

[youtube] Elton John. Rocket man

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Intressant iakttagelse och process runt videofilm av den danska videografen Nikolai Brix (för Canon:-). What did video give you that stills didn’t? ”I found video more fun to do because I could tell whole stories, and that’s what drives me.

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can I get you to look at an image for longer than a second?

“We are so oversaturated with images, so it’s about one question: Can I hold you – can I get you to look at an image for longer than a second?” Watch Catherine Opie, Wim Wenders, Jeff Wall and 8 other

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Albert Watson

Great video on his work in the studio.

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Kända och okända bilder

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Fotograf porträtt: Agnés Varda

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Tina Barney’s iconic The Reception talks about this piece, her large-format technique, penchant for photographing family, and the many elements that came together in the moment. Tina Barney : Capturing the human gesture from Paris Photo on Vimeo. Read more at

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Fotograf Julia Fullerton-Batten Samtal med Julia Fullerton-Batten. Hennes arbetssätt utgår ifrån iscensättning av bilderna. Något som liknar filmproduktion. Julia Fullerton-Batten use unusual locations, highly creative settings, accented with cinematic lighting, this is her very distinctive style of photography. Julia on YouPiC shows us behind the

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